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As an enneagram type 2, I'm a natural born over-helper! When I say "if there's anything else I can do to help" I truly mean it. I love hearing all your questions, or what's making you overwhelmed, and finding a solution for you. This is why I started the blog! 

Well, that and I needed a place to share all my behind the scenes fun and personal stories - which I share often! I'm an open book y'all.

Let's get to know each other!

the one who will take all the photos that end up on your wall.


my name is

Lexi and Noah probably have everyone beat when it comes to a fairytale-esque romance.

The two had tiptoed around being together for so long, that when it finally happened, virtually no one was surprised.

Lexi had been crushing on Noah since middle school! He was her first slow dance in 7th grade. (How cute!) Because of their last names, they walked together at graduation – and then finally down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. last year.

Their love story is so cute, so naturally when the news came that they were expecting – my heart melted!

I feel like I’ve watched an entire rom-com seeing these two fall in love and start a family – so I was absolutely honored to document this special moment.

Noah Jr., you are SO. LUCKY. You are being born into such a loving home, and we all can’t wait for your arrival.

A Winter Maternity Session in Clarksville


January 24, 2021


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