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As a wedding photographer, I think this is one of the most asked about topics I receive. It is always one of two questions, “What is a First Look?” or “Should I do one?”

I try to convince all my brides and grooms to do one, and I’ll tell you why: moments like this one.

First looks give you a moment to breathe and take the day in together as a couple. Without distraction. Without eyes on you.

You can pray together. Talk about how crazy this all is. Hug and kiss it out. I say as little as possible during these moments so you can have an intimate and special minute with your soon-to-be-spouse.

But enough about what I think, is this something for you?

You Should Consider a First Look if…

  • You or your spouse is nervous, shy, or not good in front of crowds. (This helps you have your genuine emotion with some privacy!)
  • You’re worried about time. (Timelines with a first look almost always run smoother and feel easier than without!)
  • You want a unique set of bride and groom photos. (Different location, different emotions since it happens before your ceremony.)
  • You want to get pictures out of the way. (Doing a first look means we can do just about every photo on the list besides family portraits – and your reception moments of course!)

Types of First Looks

Not every first look has to be with your spouse, or even involve actual looking! If you’re more traditional, there are still options for you to have a unique first look experience.

Here are some cute ways I’ve seen brides utilize a first look at previous weddings!

  1. First Look with Siblings– Paige had the sweetest moment with her brothers, letting them be the first to see her all dressed up in her gown. There were many tears!! It’s a great way to include your family, and get those siblings or dad crying before the day even begins!

2. Bride Tribe First Look – Nothing makes you feel better in your gown than your closest friends fawning over you! Tears, screams, and gasps followed by an overwhelming amount of hugs and compliments. What else could you possibly need to prepare you to walk down the aisle?

This is also a great way to make your ride or die tribe feel extra special on your wedding day. They’ll remember that moment for years to come!

3. A Moment with Dad – Here’s a sure to be tearjerker for everyone around. Jessica had the sweetest reveal with her father, and I couldn’t help but tear up myself. Perfect for a daddy’s girl – this moment lets the man who loved you first have time to process what’s happening.

Even the most serious dads I’ve encountered have trouble getting through this one with dry eyes! So if you’re super close with your dad, I highly recommend giving this a shot!

4. The Classic – Lindsey left Joel speechless after he turned around. He had to take a minute and pull out the handkerchief! This classic setup brings the bride to an expecting groom with a grand reveal at the end. If you have a guy who doesn’t like to show his emotions for everyone to see, or y’all are just more private – this little moment before the ceremony is a must have!

Mix it Up: Want a “first look” moment without the spoilers? This also works without actually looking at each other too!

Cute blindfolds, doorways, and back-to-back can be great ways to “see” each other before your ceremony without taking away from the walk-down-the-aisle moment! It’s still intimate, and you can exchange written vows or chat with each other during this little time too!

And Remember…

No matter what you and your future spouse choose, it’ll be special to you. If you want that classic, walk down the aisle moment.- choose it! Don’t ever feel pressured into a wedding day moment just because it’s a “trend”. You day is about your love story, and the two of you coming together. Period.

4 First Looks You Should Consider

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July 16, 2020


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