Taking Better Photos on Your Smartphone

Whether you are in the market for a photographer or not, we can all agree that pictures are important!

Right now you’re isolating with your family, and I’m sure that’s made for some cute (and maybe crazy) photo ops.

Since social media is our lifeline right now, I thought I’d give you some quick tips on how to elevate those phone photos! Whether you’re an instagram lover, or just want to post on Facebook for family – these tricks can up your smartphone photo game.

And hey, maybe this’ll inspire you to pick up a new hobby!

Explore Your Camera

This may sound silly, but there may be things you didn’t even know you could already do! Filters, effects, and different camera modes now exist on most smartphones – so whether you’ve got an iPhone or Android you can make some magic!

Do you have a portrait mode? Want a black and white photo? Find and play with all these cool features first so you get a feel for it!

Learn your Light

Light is one of the most important parts of taking a great image. It can make or break the whole thing! Knowing about how to use it to your advantage can help you whether you’re at home, or out for a walk.

  • Find your shadow – look for you or what your taking a photo of’s shadow, and make sure you can see it. Great lighting is when your shadow is in a front 45 degree angle!
  • Watch for sun flares – phones don’t have any type of protection on their lenses, so any sun spots you see will distort your image.
  • Check the clock – the best times of day to take photos are mornings an hour or two around sunrise, and evenings around sunset.
  • Natural light – if you’re inside, always try to open a window or some curtains to let the natural light flow in. Then face it!

These are just a few adjustments you can make and are basic photography skills that you can carry with you in your pocket!

Creative Apps

I’ll let you in on a secret – I still edit most of my phone photos, especially if I plan on posting them on my feed!

Consistency is something I’m a big fan of, and it’s also aesthetically pleasing to your followers. So being able to streamline my editing style through an app has been a life saver!

I personally use the Adobe Lightroom Editor mobile app. It’s free, and very simple to learn. Plus you can save any presets you find and like on it, or create your own!

This photo I took on my iPhone X and edited it exclusively in lightroom! It took me all of 5 minutes to upload, edit, and post this. (We love a quick and easy app!)


We all can’t take the time to learn precise editing or have the skills of a professional editor – but we can support a business or individual who is and get amazing downloadable presets to use!

Here’s a couple of my faves:

Light and airy lover? Try lightandairyphotog (Annamarie and Caroline are amazing!) on instagram. You can visit their website for their presets here.

Maybe you like warm, film like photos? Check out Aubree Belle! You can see her presets here.

Or play around and create your own! You can save a preset at any time on the mobile app by pressing the three dots and selecting “Save as Preset” – give it a cute name and viola! You’re on your way to being the coolest mama, influencer, dog parent, or whoever you dream of being on instagram!

I’m rooting for you, friend!

Tag me in your photos so I can see your progress!


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