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As an enneagram type 2, I'm a natural born over-helper! When I say "if there's anything else I can do to help" I truly mean it. I love hearing all your questions, or what's making you overwhelmed, and finding a solution for you. This is why I started the blog! 

Well, that and I needed a place to share all my behind the scenes fun and personal stories - which I share often! I'm an open book y'all.

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I don’t think any of us could’ve seen this coming. 2020 was supposed to be the year we collectively live our best lives, right? (Or maybe that’s just a yearly goal and it hasn’t happened yet – whoops.)

Whether you’re single, married, or a mama, we are all having to completely turn our lives upside down right now. New routines, new lifestyles, new normal. And that can be scary, frustrating, and confusing for a lot of us.

I’m here to tell you all those feelings are fine. Overreacting (as long as you’re not buying up all the diapers and toilet paper) is fine. We’re just in survival mode now – and if you’re a mom out there, I salute you.

No one prepared me for this.

I mean let’s be real, no one can prepare you for motherhood, or this. So this past week has been a lot of borderline mental breaks, trial and error, and a lot of sanity checks.

But after doing several things the wrong way, I think I found a few things that might be helpful to my fellow mamas out there. (Keep in mind I have a 1 year old, almost 18 months, so you may have to modify for the older kiddos!)

Snacks. Lots and Lots of Snacks.

For not just your little one, but you too. Being cooped up for whatever reason makes you snack-y, and you burn a lot more calories chasing your son around keeping him from getting into things he’s not supposed to get into.

My go-tos? Apple slices with peanut butter, the little applesauce squeezables, and bananas!

Fresh Air Breaks

I’m thankful we have a decent sized covered porch in times like these. Even if you don’t, just stepping outside the front door can feel revolutionary.

When Eli starts getting amped up, we go on the porch for play time. If Eli throws a tantrum and mommy needs a break, mommy goes outside for some deep breathing.

If you have a nice street, grab the stroller and take a walk. Or go for a windows down car ride! I’ve learned a change of scenery does wonders.

Invent New Activities

I’m not saying you have to create the next best board game, but today I made a game out of putting blocks in their bin and then taking them back out – it worked for like 30 minutes, y’all!

We also learned some stretches and I taught Eli how to do a forward roll, he loved it! (And it also secretly was a way to wear him out so he’d nap!)

Make Everything Exciting

Now this one is a hard one, I’ll admit. Some days this week I was real tired, or was having pregnancy pains, and I just didn’t want to do much. Getting up was a chore, so how was I also supposed to be chipper?

But if you have little ones, you know that an exciting attitude works wonders on your kids!

Eli was getting impatient about how long lunch was taking, and I just started over exaggerating my movements and excitedly saying, “Woohoo for strawberries! Woohoo for blueberries!” and continued with every thing I was slicing. You would’ve thought I was a comedic genius!

Take Time for YOU

I make it a point to change into new pajamas or work out wear everyday, and wash my face. These two things alone have completely changed my mentality for the day!

Every night after I put Eli to bed, I do a face mask or take a hot shower, find something sweet to eat, and either read something I want or watch a show I haven’t got to watch in ages. Seriously y’all, life savers.

Last night, I just sat in silence in the living room for an hour because Eli had had a “how loud can I scream” day. Just that little moment of calm before bed not only helped me sleep easier, but also just made me pause for a moment and remember to love on me!

I believe in you, mamas! I believe in us. Messy hair, stained pajamas and all.

We will survive this, and so will our kids. For the meantime, find the joy in the little things, laugh at this post, and connect with your fellow moms (on the phone of course!)

How I’m Surviving Self Quarantine as a Mom


April 1, 2020


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