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That title may have caught you off guard and I get it: no one wants rain on wedding day.

While I love sunny, golden hour photos as much as the next photographer, I also want my brides to know that rain is not the end of the world. In fact, it can actually create a unique and beautiful effect on your whole gallery!

If that doesn’t convince you not to stress, hopefully after reading all the pros (and things we can do if rain is in the forecast) you’ll feel a little more at ease when you check your weather app for the 100th time!

Romantic Umbrella Portraits

There’s something about a clear umbrella that just adds a little romance to any photo! Umbrellas are a great way for you to still get around your beautiful venue, and add a unique prop to your portraits.

I own two myself, and bring them to every wedding – but investing in some for your wedding party would be a great idea, especially if you expect some rain during your day!

If you know, then plan ahead and we can make an alternate timeline in case that rain is inevitable.

Embrace the Memories!

When I set out to capture your day, I capture it the way it was as if I’m telling a story. If it rains, so what?

20 years from now when you reopen your gallery, you’re going to smile and think, “remember when it started raining on us during our first look and we couldn’t stop laughing?”

I’ve learned that in the rain I get the most genuine, heartfelt moments on camera because we are all making the most of it. You’re surrounded by incredible family in friends who will stick it out with you.

The Sardello’s squad making the most of the rain, and laughing at me getting rained on in a paddleboat on the lake!

It Might Actually Go Away!

More often than not, if there’s been rain in the forecast at the weddings I’ve been to, it has almost always cleared up at some point. Or not even shown up at all!

So don’t get upset when you feel that first rain drop, because it could be temporary! I have a thousand and one ways to pass the time with other photos so that we don’t waste precious minutes, and we can take your mind off the rain!

Stay Positive and Enjoy Your Day!

Brides and grooms, the venue, the cake, the music that was played? Temporary. How you felt, what you smiled like in your photos, and saying “I Do” to your best friend? Forever.

Remember what’s important, and the rest will sort itself out!

Still Worried About the Rain?

Read about how I handled Emily and Jackson’s outdoor wedding after it started pouring here.

Rain, Rain, Please Stay!

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March 24, 2020


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