How to Make Your Groom Feel Special on Wedding Day

If your husband-to-be is anything like mine, getting them in front of the camera (and to at least pretend to be happy about it) is a chore.

But the more weddings I’ve been apart of and shot, the more I realize a huge and easily overlooked theme: the groom w a n t s to feel extra special on their big day too!

Now I was once guilty of this too, but we all know it is very much about the bride on wedding day. One of the most famous sayings is, “This is HER day, you just have to show up!”

Seriously, I’ve heard that line so many times and I think it is time to retire it!

The more grooms and groomsmen I’ve spent time with, the more I’ve learned that they secretly love all the attention and flattery that getting married brings. This is a big day for them too, AND they are dressed to the nines!

So how can we pamper our grooms without making them feel too uncomfortable?

  • Let Them Take the Lead!

Now I know ladies, this may not sound like the best option, but trust me! Your guys know what they like, what they’re comfortable with, and what angles they look best at (just like you!)

I’ve learned that if I spend time getting to know my groom, I can photograph them more naturally.

Does your fiancé like being outdoors? Is he a gamer? Does he have a favorite accessory or drink? Do they like to be the funniest guy in the room?

Use that knowledge to your advantage!

Jackson started his wedding morning off playing Mario Kart with his best friends, then as they were getting ready, I heard them talking about their favorite “cliche wedding photos” that they wanted to recreate.

So when we got outside, I started with these silly things that they’d come up with.

Not only did this build their trust with me, but it made them more comfortable in every single photo after.

  • Embrace the Silly

9/10 your groom is being extra goofy or “not taking the moment seriously” because they’re nervous. They don’t want to look ridiculous in these photos either! So, they usually start with some pretty… interesting poses and ideas.

Let your groom and his buddies be silly and relax. (Your photographer will make sure you get the “good” ones too!) And who knows? Maybe you’ll jump in on the action too!

Emily and Jackson doing their “iconic” pose. We did this at their engagement session and HAD to recreate it!
  • Give Them Their Own Moment

Two of my grooms had “special dances” with their groomsmen that they wanted to perform at their reception. They. Were. Hilarious. And I got it all on camera without them batting an eye!

Another one of my favorite things I’ve seen is personalized gifts! Courtney knew Jake and his guys loved baseball, and some of them had played ball together, so she had custom bats made for them that they could all take photos with – how cute!

  • Choose Your Photographer Wisely

Let your groom be a big part of choosing your photographer! I always talk about wanting to be the best fit for my clients, and I mean that. If your fiancé has a big personality and since of humor, he may not want someone who is more professional in attitude.

Have them attend your first meeting too!

Equally shooting both bride and groom is part of my philosophy, and it’s always my favorite compliment when I receive feedback from a couple who specifically mention how I handled the groomsmen portraits!

Shoutout to all my upcoming grooms out there!


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