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As an enneagram type 2, I'm a natural born over-helper! When I say "if there's anything else I can do to help" I truly mean it. I love hearing all your questions, or what's making you overwhelmed, and finding a solution for you. This is why I started the blog! 

Well, that and I needed a place to share all my behind the scenes fun and personal stories - which I share often! I'm an open book y'all.

Let's get to know each other!

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When we first bought our starter home back in 2018, I had no idea what I was going to turn it into. The layout made no sense, it had a lot of patchwork jobs done to it, and none of the walls were perfectly level. (A decor fanatic’s nightmare!)

On top of this, I knew I had to run a business out of this little fixer upper, so I went to work planning the best layout to optimize my workspace. After all, you can’t get inspired by working from your dimly lit bedroom or by constantly having to move all your stuff because your desk is the kitchen table (been there!)

So my mom and I took a virtual trip to Ikea, measured the corner we had in mind, and now it has become something even better than I could’ve imagined. Take a look!

Yes, the trim is to different colors. We’ll get there! Having a baby changes things, y’all!

Now I want to be super clear: this took a year’s worth of work. (And I had a lot of help from my husband and mom who are the absolute best!) If you live in a tiny space with not a lot to work with, don’t get discouraged.

You can do it too! Find your style, look at pinterest, measure your space, and seriously check out Ikea. It’s a good starting point and keeps it from getting overwhelming. It also makes it way more manageable if you’re trying to take on your office flip on your own!

Clean, organized workspaces = getting stuff done!

The Office Space of My Dreams: Designing a Workspace in a Small Area


March 11, 2020


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