Getting Creative During a Downpour: Sardello Wedding

I remember waking up on the morning of Jackson and Emily’s wedding and immediately checking the weather app. All week there had been a small chance of rain, and I was hoping to see all sunshine – nope!

More like rain and only rain. 100%.

So I jumped up, packed up my rainy day wedding box, and put on a smile. The last thing you want to do as a wedding photographer is make the bride feel like you aren’t confident about the rain.

So how did we cope?

Clever timeline changes, small location updates, and a killer positive attitude from all involved!

Changing the First Look Location

This is something I was able to do without even letting Jackson and Emily know! Olivia and I had scouted a beautiful area down by the lakeside to do the first look, but when it started to rain, we switched the location so it would actually be the same place as wedding party photos!

The best part? You can hardly tell!

Making these two events happen in the same location not only saved us time, but also kept us (mostly) dry and we able to crank through these photos much quicker! Bonus? This bridge was just steps away from the hotel!

The Paddle Boat

Perhaps one of my favorite memories of this day, and one of the funniest – renting a paddle boat to go out on the lake.

Olivia and I have never been in a paddle boat, and it began to rain as soon as we made it out to our spot. But we got the ultimate wedding party shot, and that’s what matters!

Sometimes the perfect bridge doesn’t have the perfect background (aka a worn down hotel or a paddle boat rental building) so you create one!

I’m so glad that the wedding party got as much of a laugh out of it as we did! I have to say, two photographers with all their equipment and life vests on out in the middle of the water is a pretty funny sight – especially when they keep spinning around in circles!

20 Minute Ceremony Flip

This is where Emily and Jackson’s ceremony was supposed to take place – right on the water’s edge!

By the time we got to ceremony time though, the rain and wind had picked up and the whole area had become muddy and slick. No way we are sending a white dress bride down there!

I could see that much of the bride and groom’s family were getting anxious, and everyone was talking amongst themselves about what to do. So I put my camera on my harness and got to work!

Jackson’s right hand man, best man of the year, and the dads helped bring all of the decor up from the lake and I took charge over decorations.

We got it all together in the covered reception area in no time! Everyone sat at their tables, we cleared out an aisle way for Emily to walk down, and we were still able to start the ceremony on time. (And I think it looked as beautiful as ever!)

We kept it simple, and fluffed the damp curtains to the best of our ability. The backdrop ended up being even more stunning than the lakeside – just look at all that greenery!

I have come to love rainy wedding days. I truly think they bring everyone together, add a bit of fun and extra romance to the day, and spark some creativity in me as a photographer! So don’t freak out if you see rain in the forecast, get excited!

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